E-rate University by Funds For Learning


  • Are you just getting started with the E-rate program?
  • Are you experienced, but still struggling to keep up with the program’s changing rules and regulations?
  • Does your organization have assurance that the staff dealing with E-rate are trained for success and compliance?

To provide confident answers to these questions, Funds For Learning created E-rate University. E-rate University (ERU) is a series of on-demand trainings and assessment tests to educate E-rate stakeholders on the process, ever-changing regulations and compliance issues. ERU will give you the tools you need to navigate the often cumbersome and bureaucratic E-rate process. Utilization of this tailored step-by-step program also provides organizational leadership with the confidence that staff involved in the E-rate process understand their roles and responsibilities. ERU also includes an accountability test that will assess your E-rate knowledge based on the trainings. Training on demand topics include:

  • E-rate Program Introduction and Overview
  • E-rate Eligible Services
  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Requesting E-rate Funding
  • Application Review
  • Funding Award and Service Delivery
  • E-rate Payment Paperwork
  • Navigating Special Situations

ERU is a great step forward in establishing a solid baseline on education of the E-rate program’s rules and regulations. Many E-rate stakeholders have used this vital series of trainings to set the conditions for success from identifying and closing the sale to actual receipt of those elusive E-rate dollars.

For more information please contact Funds For Learning via e-mail or telephone at (405) 341-4140.