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    by Funds For Learning®
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    1 Introduction
      E-rate discounts are essential for 84% of school and library Internet connections.
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    2 EdTech Landscape
      Internet usage to rise at 90% of sites; Applicants struggle to bridge Homework Gap.
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    3 Impact on Purchasing
      E-rate bids lead to more cost-effective purchases; Higher C2 budgets needed for reaching goals.
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    4 Changes to ESL
      Backup Internet favored by 77% of applicants. Majority want telephone discounts back.
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    5 Self-Provisioned Networks
      One-quarter of applicants will consider owning network; Availability lowers price for all applicants.
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    6 Program Administration
      E-rate is not fast, simple or efficient says 44% of applicants. Frustration with EPC boils over.
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