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    1 Introduction
      E-rate fulfilling its mission. 88% of applicants agree that E-rate is vital to their Internet connectivity.
    2 EdTech Landscape
      WiFi demand surging. 51% of networks will need upgrades within 3 years.
    3 Impact on Purchasing
      Higher C2 budgets needed for reaching goals. 45% believe C2 budget factor should be $250 per student.
    4 Changes to ESL
      Applicants need dependable Internet. 74% want the FCC to allow support for backup Internet connections.
    5 Technology
      Homework gap concern. 82% describe the lack of home Internet access as a significant issue.
    6 Program Administration
      48% of applicants think EPC portal has improved. Still, 44% say E-rate is not fast, simple, or efficient.