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    E-rate Trends Report
    by Funds For Learning®

    1 Introduction
      E-rate fulfilling its mission. 95% of applicants agree that E-rate is vital to their Internet connectivity.
    2 EdTech Landscape
      Digital learning continues to explode. 89% expect bandwidth needs to increase in the next 3 years.
    3 Impact on Purchasing
      New policies yield lower prices. 72% agree bidding rules are lowering prices for Internet access services
    4 Changes to ESL
      Applicants need Network security/Management. 98% want the FCC to allow support for Cyber security.
    5 Technology
      Barriers to Internet still exist. 90% of applicants agree that insufficient Internet access is significant issue
    6 Program Administration
      New admin creating positive results. 55% of applicants agree the process is geeting easier and faster.