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    Funds for Learning® E-rate Proposal

    The E-rate program was founded on an incredibly simple, yet powerful principle: getting students connected. Today the E-rate program faces growing demand for needed broadband services, as well as the infrastructure necessary to support that kind of high speed connectivity. The fund itself is not growing at a pace that can keep up.

    Funds For Learning (FFL) maintains and analyzes an exhaustive database of E-rate application information, and we regularly survey E-rate applicants, to give us an informed perspective of program trends across all program years, and the impact that historical rule changes have had nationwide. to keep an educated vantage point of the program. Changes to the E-rate Program have always been ongoing, but true program reform has yet to be seen.

    FFL's E-rate experience, attention to the applicant needs, and commitment to strengthening and developing the E-rate program makes us an invaluable contributor to the discussion surrounding E-rate reform. Our reform proposal places funding prioritization back into the hands of the applicants, the real experts in using and shaping technology for education; to benefit both administrators who deal with the ins-and-outs of E-rate, and the educators that will ultimately facilitate learning with technology.

    Technology is the critical force driving the evolution of educational methods and it is imperative that the E-rate program be reformed and modernized to compliment modern school and libraries: providing predictable, flexible, and equitable funding for the crucial infrastructure that supports increasingly sophisticated technology initiatives.

    The FFL proposal is outlined in the Reform Coalition Comments submitted to the FCC on September 16, 2013. (Additional comments further detailing the proposal were also submitted by Funds For Learning®.)

    More information about our proposal, as well as historical data regarding program demand has been gathered below. If you have questions or ideas you would like to share with us regarding our proposal, please email us at

    E-rate Need Has Tripled
    Click the image above to view a video overview of the Funds For Learning E-rate 2.0 Proposal.