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Funds For Learning is experienced in conducting reviews to ensure that school districts are in compliance with program regulations. As concerns about the potential for waste, fraud and abuse in the E-rate program have grown, Funds For Learning has increasingly been called on for its expertise in responding to auditors and putting programs in place to ensure that its clients meet the program's continually evolving compliance requirements. FFL can also provide recommendations on non-compliance issues to bring you into compliance with program rules.

School boards are becoming increasingly concerned that those entrusted to apply for E-rate dollars are actually following all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and procedures. Because of high profile cases, the FCC and Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) are spending additional resources auditing E-rate stakeholders. No district wants to be in the position of returning E-rate dollars if audited and found in non-compliance.

In 2003, USAC invited Funds For Learning to serve as one of 14 stakeholder representatives on a Waste, Fraud and Abuse Task Force. In addition, FFL frequently has been called upon to speak with FCC and congressional staff, both formally and informally, about the E-rate program. Congressional staff also utilize FFL's E-rate Manager Services to find and review E-rate funding information.

For more information please contact Funds For Learning via e-mail or telephone at (405)341-4140.