On September 21, 2011, USAC notified 836 applicants and 497 service providers about the status of their FY 2010 Priority Two applications at the 80% discount level. This is the first wave where applicants are positively impacted by the Funds For Learning Rollover Order. Funding Wave 067 included $134.4 million in funding commitments for these stakeholders. Applicants and service providers should review the Contract Expiration Date(s) for the newly funded FRNs, as it is likely that many contracts will need to be extended in order for payment paperwork to be successfully processed. Applicants can notify the SLD of the contract extensions by filing the FCC Form 500.

At all discount levels, FY 2010 Wave 067 included an average commitment of $168,342.29 per applicant and $274,646.73 per service provider. As of September 22, there are still 586 applicants who have pending FY 2010 P2 applications, totaling $133.6 million. There are 103 applicants who have pending FY 2010 P2 requests below the 80% level, totaling $15.8 million.