I SUPPORT HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING OUR SCHOOLS. I unabashedly, unashamedly, unapologetically support heating and air-conditioning. I am out of the closet and I am not going back in.

I believe that heating and air-conditioning play an important role in educating our students. Are these “environmentals” essential to quality education? Yes. Can students get an education without them? Of course. But is their education better with them? Without question, the answer is yes.

Does this make me anti-teacher, anti-union, or anti-student? Does this mean that I am in the pocket of HVAC companies? Does this mean that I own stock in condenser unit suppliers? Am I secretly just trying to promote sales of air filters? No, no, no, no.

School buildings, by themselves, without teachers, are useless. I have walked into a brand new school building. It’s nice. But if there aren’t any adults around to help the children learn, the new building is worthless to help educate students.

The current debate over “EdTech” is about as silly to me as this blog. Heating and air-conditioning were both, at one point, new technology. Most people are past debating the merits of HVAC in our schools. Can we please now stop debating whether Internet access, eBooks, or interactive whiteboards can be useful tools for teachers? They can be. Do they replace teachers? Absolutely not. Do they function as a one-size fits all solution for every educational need? Hardly. But technology plays a role in helping our teachers help our students.

So, please, let’s stop debating if technology is going to be a part of the future (it will be), and let’s start moving the discussion forward by talking and learning about the best ways and the most effective methods to leverage these tools for the greatest impact on student lives.