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Getting to Know: Sean Lock
Sean is a compliance analyst at Funds For Learning. He loves hosting outdoor barbeques for friends and family, the OSU Cowboys, and coaching his son’s little league teams.

Time at FFL: 4 1/2 years

Favorite Memory at FFL: Probably all the competitive games we play as an office, picking up a split in bowling that cost Mr. Harrington a bit of cash, and pulling off the “Winning is Everything” Halloween Costume. Again at John’s expense no less.

If you were a Disney character, which would you be and why? Captain Jack Sparrow, who wouldn’t want to be a Pirate of the Caribbean?

If you had to live on one food item for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Anything Barbeque.

You won a free vacation – do you go to the mountains or the beach? Why? The beach. I have relatives that live in Utah and Tahoe, so the mountains are covered.

Best E-rate advice you could fit inside of a tweet: There are no eligible services under E-rate until you apply for them. Plan ahead, gather your supporting documentation, and make a difference.