Block 2.... Block 4.... Block 5, Block 5, Block 5, Block 5...Oh, hello! I was just checking over these Form 471 applications. Happy Block Friday, the Friday before the close of the annual Form 471 filing window! If you're like us (the merits of which are debatable), you are sprinting hard and fast toward the March 20 deadline, and it can be a pretty intense few days. So in the spirit of those folks who stand on the side of the running track and throw Gatorade on the runners as they go by (that's what they're doing, right? I am SO not a runner), we offer this lovely E-rate-endurance-enhancing idea: the E-rate Survival Kit. What's in the E-rate Survival Kit, you ask? The note attached to the Kit explains it all:

Please don’t SNICKER, but we have to admit that we are a little NUTS for being in the E-rate business. Rumor has it that we have MOUNDS of E-rate applications to be filed by March 20th. But when we actually see how much we have left to do, it appears our eyes are playing TWIX on us and instead we have feelings of JOY. As always, the FFL team will pull together as LIFESAVERS, and all the applications will be filed on time. If you are feeling STRESSED, have an EXTRA relaxing week, keep your head above WATER, don’t be afraid to ask for ADE, and here are a few Survival BURSTS for you to enjoy NOW & LATER.

How fun is that?!? The Kit is packed full of goodies and makes a great stress-reliever during crunch time. 

So happy Block Friday to all, and remember - if the window starts to get you down, just reach for your Survival Kit. You'll be back to the blocks in no time.