Share the Reason
  • Explaining the rationale behind a request or recommendation
  • Equipping others with the purpose of an assignment and the significance of information
  • Giving the details, sharing the context and removing the mystery behind our words and actions


“Share the Reason” involves explaining “the why” behind a decision, action, or recommendation. Whenever possible, we equip others with the purpose of an assignment, not just the assignment. Equipping others with the significance of certain steps or information prepares them for future situations (that may or may not be different); and, in doing so, we convey trust and respect to them, and we help demonstrate the thought behind our work (i.e. yes, there is a reason we do some things the way we do them!)

To illustrate “Share the Reason”, below is a brief summary of why we focus weekly on the FFL GuideMarks.

SAMPLE “SHARE THE REASON”: Why Do we Use GuideMarks?


Often times, when I hear people talk about the culture of an organization, they talk as if the culture is something that exists in and of itself. In reality, everyone of us, everyday, is defining the culture of FFL. Each interaction, each act of service, each communication, the work we do, the way we do it, and so on. Each of us, working together, create the culture at FFL.


We have the opportunity to continue fostering a positive work environment that promotes happy, healthy, growing people. This type of environment will not create or sustain itself without a commitment, by everyone, to certain standards of conduct and behavior. In short, to build and keep a good working environment we need to be intentional with our actions and our words.

This is the purpose of our weekly FFL GuideMarks. By taking time to reflect on one aspect of the FFL culture, it helps us be intentional concerning that one element. In the busyness and stress of our daily work, it is not unusual to “drift” a little from healthy habits (at least for me it isn’t). Taking time to talk and think about a core value of FFL can help each of us recenter, refocus, and, most importantly, repurpose ourselves to demonstrating that value in our actions and communications, as well as encouraging that core value in the lives of our co-workers.


I am convinced that there is nothing quite like a healthy team work environment. Done well, it can be one of the most important and enduring aspects of our adult lives.

Each one of us plays a role in building that type of healthy environment at FFL. We get to work together and spend a lot of time side-by-side. Over the years, we get to experience triumphs and defeats together, and a lot of day-to-day stuff in between. By being intentional in the way we do things, we all get to play a role in building a positive work environment for each other. That’s a pretty amazing deal.


Understanding the reason behind the FFL GuideMarks will help you understand them better and apply them more effectively in your setting; and, interestingly enough, by sharing the reason for the GuideMarks, you now have a better appreciation for the Share the Reason GuideMark.


Key Words and Phrases

Offer a rationale; Explain; Give details; Clarify; Describe; Put in plain words; Make clear; Enlighten.

Opposite Terms

Mystery; In the dark; Secrecy; Ambiguity.


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