Intentional Learning
  • Investigating answers and building awareness without external prompting
  • Pushing forward to gain knowledge, understanding and experience
  • Enhancing our skills and expertise on purpose


This week’s Funds For Learning GuideMark is Intentional learning. It was previously defined as follows:

Intentional Learning
Growth in knowledge, experience and understanding that is self-motivated, done with purpose, with the aim of being used and applied for the benefit of all.

The key word in this GuideMark is INTENTIONAL. It is not haphazard learning. It is not force-fed learning. It is intentional learning. Learning on-purpose that directly impacts our work, our mission, and our customers.

FFL’s Core Knowledge and experience are at the core of Funds For Learning’s service. We are experts in the Federal E-rate funding program, and the value we provide to our school customers across the country derives entirely from our corporate understanding and application of the E-rate rules. From our core of knowledge and experience flows the work that we do and the recommendations that we make. Therefore, for us, it is very important that we talk about how we learn, what we learn, why we learn, and so on. Intentional learning is our recognition that we can’t just take for granted our knowledge. We have to be proactive and engaged in our own learning.

Effective Growth I think of learning as a math equation, a change in knowledge and experience over time:

Using this framework, intentional learning can be thought of as the process of increasing knowledge and experience while decreasing the amount of time it takes to gain it. When we strive to grow our understanding, we gain more relevant knowledge and experience in less time.

You can ignore my silly equations. The important point is this: when we are intentional in our learning, we grow in knowledge and experience that (A) is highly applicable to our work responsibilities and (B) has the power to positively impact our lives and others lives, and (C) we do so in a shorter time than we would otherwise by accident.


Key words and phrases

Strive for understanding; Gather knowledge; Seek wisdom; Build awareness; Discover information; Gain expertise; Become skilled; Find answers

Opposite terms

Muddle; Disarray; Hit-or-miss; Indolent


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