Combining the celebration of Funds For Learning's 15th anniversary with the 30th Olympiad, FFL recently hosted the Funds For Learning Olympics XV.

Competitors battled it out for the gold and silver in team and individual arcade basketball, individual ping pong, team and individual shooting, team rowing, team speed walking and team shot put. But before the competition, there was moment of solidarity with the Parade of Nations and lighting of the torch.

Left Column: Sean, representing an analyst team The Geniuses. Nancy, representing a specialist team Blood, Sweat, Tears and Glitter. Alfred, representing IT with team Technistan. Right column: Joan, representing business operations team with team Raccoonistan. Nick, representing an analyst team, Blue. Hollye, representing an analyst team, Flogging Goose. Center: Tiffany representing a specialist team, The Rookies.
John Harrington lights the ceremonial torch.

The first event was arcade basketball.

Joan delivering a last second three-pointer as teammate Linda cheers her on.


  • Team - Gold: Blue, Silver: Technistan
  • Individual Male - Gold: Nick S., Silver: Dirk S.
  • Individual Female - Gold: Linda B., Silver: Verlyne J.


The next event was a highly competitive single-elimination ping-pong tournament.

Nancy with a vicious forehand return.


  • Individual Male - Gold: Eric J., Silver: Nick S.
  • Individual Female - Gold: Tiffany G., Silver: Linda B.


The third event was shooting.

Katie lines up a shot and knocks the cans down.


  • Team - Gold: Flogging Goose, Silver: The Geniuses
  • Individual Male - Gold: Tim B., Silver: Nick S.
  • Individual Female - Gold:Verlyne J., Silver: Katie M.


What do you get when you cross wood flooring, two office chairs and brooms? The fourth Olympic event of the day - team rowing.

L:R - Zach and Nick demonstrating a reckless disregard for FFL person and property on their way to the gold.


  • Team - Gold: Blue, Silver: Blood, Sweat, Tears and Glitter


The fifth event, team speed walking, was surprisingly the most dangerous event of the day.

Speaking of reckless disregard, Sean and Stephen finish first and second for their respective teams. Not pictured, the bodies of other racers strewn all over the course after being trampled.


  • Team - Gold: The Geniuses, Silver: Blue


The final event was team shot put (or, throw water balloons off the second floor balcony at the CEO).

Jeff lobs a balloon over the balcony railing and scores a point for The Geniuses.


  • Team - Gold (Tie):Raccoonistan and Flogging Goose.


It was a hard fought battle, but in the end there could be only one overall medal count winner - Blue.

In true FFL Olympic XV spirit, Blue was booed by the other competitors throughout the closing ceremonies.

Editors Note: There was an unofficial seventh event - Capture the Flag. Blue won that as well.