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Micah is a compliance specialist at Funds For Learning. He likes coffee and hiking and bacon.

Time at FFL: Four years total.

Favorite Memory at FFL: It’s too hard to pick just one out… Everything blends into a confusion of cheerios, sombreros, full-length coats, cake and TPS reports…

Free association time. What one word comes to mind when you hear:

  • Onions – Poisonous
  • Peter Pan – Extra-crunchy
  • CoffeeEote
  • Basketball – Thunder
  • Music – Zeppelin

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? What wouldn’t you do? I’d rather not break my bones, dislocate, amputate or puncture anything – but would I let someone punch me in the face? Sure. Eat it melted off the floor… Why not? Wear a horse costume and do a dance? Depends on the dance, I suppose. I don’t even particularly like Klondike bars – I just like the thought of having a good, solid answer to the question.

You get to invite three living people to dinner. Who would receive an invitation? Why? Chris, Jason and Jeremy for dinner around a campfire. I don’t think anyone I haven’t met before could offer me a better dinner than a few good friends. I keep good company as it is.

Best Advice You Could Fit Inside of a Tweet: You aren’t a leader if no one is following you, and you can’t lead anyone to somewhere you aren’t headed yourself.