Last week’s fantasy football picks got quite a few hits, and subsequently, I imagine some (most) of the visitors were confused.

My bad.

Before we get to this week’s picks, let’s clear up a few things:

What is Funds For Learning?

Funds For Learning, LLC, is an E-rate compliance firm. We specialize in guiding E-rate applicants through the E-rate regulatory process. We have more than 150 combined years of experience in providing professional advice and assistance relating to the E-rate program. We are experts in E-rate, not fantasy football.

What is E-rate?

The E-rate program provides discounts on certain services and products that are essential for classrooms and libraries to receive voice, video, and data communications. You can see if your local school district is making the most of available technology funding and is utilizing the E-rate program here.

Why are you blogging about fantasy football?

The blog highlights our company culture – items such as our core characteristics and the employees that make FFL awesome. We have some serious sports fans, so ispo facto, sports (competitions, examples, fanaticism, etc.) are woven into the culture and onto the blog.

So now that we go that out of the way, let’s look back at last week and check how our experts stacked up.

Chris Johnson (sit) – Good call. Johnson only scored 2.8 pts in most leagues.Brandon Weeden (start) - Another good call. Weeden bounced back from a dismal week one and scored 21.48.Alex Smith (start) – Good call. Smith had 17.74 against the Lions.Fred Jackson (sit or start) – Good or bad call depending which way you went. Jackson didn’t play.Alfred Morris (start) – Meh. Morris had 8.9. Not exactly the production you want from a RB.Marquee matchups: 1 of 3. Hey, if this was baseball, we’d be allstars.


Week 3 Sit/Starts

Dennis Pitta, TE, Ravens - START

“Pitta Patta! I hope he has quick feet!” – Tiffany"Reminds me of the restaurant in Stillwater Pita Pit!” – JulieAnn

Michael Bush, RB, Bears – START

“My cousins name is Michael” – Laura“Sit. Never trust a shrubbery.” – Micah (In the dissenting opinion)

A.J. Green, WR, Bengals – SIT

“Initials are just too mysterious and unpredictable.” – Laura“Because Green Lantern was bestowed the task of keeping peace within the universe.” – Bea

Shonn Greene, RB, Jets – SIT

“Greene=misspelled=stop” – Micah“His name is spelled weird.” – Laura

Miles Austin, WR, Cowboys – START

“I bet he can run a mile a second!” – Bea“Sit - Thank goodness there is miles and miles between Oklahoma and Austin, TX. So Miles Austin can ‘stay weird’ (as the fans of UT would say) far, far away from Oklahoma and the field.” - JulieAnn (In the dissenting opinion)


Now for the picks of three marquee matchups:

Dallas over Tampa Bay

New England over Baltimore

Seattle over Green Bay


We received the following questions (really) via Twitter.

@FFL Need 2: Greg Little, Laurent Robinson, Leonard Hankerson, Titus Young

Laurent Robinson and Leonard Hankerson

@FFL I have nicks currenly (sic). Should i start him or drop him for aldrick robinson, danny amendola, or andrew hawkins.

Drop for Robinson or Hawkins

@FFL who should I play, Fred Davis or martellus Bennett?

Fred Davis

@FFL bowe or thomas from denver



We will post the results next week, and as always, heed this advice at your own risk.