How excited was everyone to hear the announcement this week? We were all sitting back in eager anticipation to see what was going to happen, what (if anything) would change, and how everyone would react if things were dragged on for another week. Thankfully, everyone is now relieved and have backed away from the edge because...

The FCC released the Funding Year 2013 Eligible Services List!

Oh, yeah. The replacement refs are gone in the NFL too. So I guess that means no more "Intertouchdownceptions."

Let’s look back at last week and check how our experts stacked up.

Dennis Pitta (start) – Good call - 11pts.Michael Bush (start) – Another good call - 13 pts.A.J. Green (sit) – Sad trombone - Green had 25 pts.Shonn Greene (sit) – Good call - Only 4 pts.Miles Austin (start) – Good call - Austin had a solid 10 pts.Marquee match-ups: 2 of 3 for the week and 3 for 6 on the season.


Week 4 Sit/Starts

Michael Vick, QB, Eagles – START

“Vick is short for Victory” – Tiffany"Vick’s Vapor rub = magic potion = start” – Micah

Cedric Benson, RB, Packers – START

“Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter” – Laura

Mikel Leshore, RB, Lions – SIT

“His name confuses me” – Laura“I cant pronounce his name” – JulieAnn

Golden Tate, WR, Seahawks – START

“Kinda sounds like Golden Gate (Bridge)” – JulieAnn“The man has a magical ability to get calls - start” – Micah

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Bengals – START

“J.G. = Just Great = start" – Micah


Now for the picks of three marquee match-ups:

Giants over Eagles

Packers over Saints

Cowboys over Bears


We received the following questions (really) via Twitter.

@FFL (A)drian (P)eterson or (W)illis (M)c(G)ahee? - "Adrian Peterson! I’ve met him!!" - JulieAnn

Do (I) start (B)rady or (R)yan @FFL #ffl- Brady

(W)ith Pierre Garcon (probably) not (going to be able to) play who should (I) start (B)lackmon or (K)endall (W)right or maybe pick up Hankerson? @FFL - Blackmon


If this is your first experience with Funds For Learning's Fantasy Football Friday's you might be a bit confused, and rightfully so - our expertise is in E-rate (we're pretty good at alliteration too), but not Fantasy Football.

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