There are some advantages to working in Funds For Learning's Florida office - the consistently warm weather, the proximity to the ocean, and the privilege of speaking of a certain win by a certain Florida quarterback. While some of these items cant be shared with the other E-rate Guides in Oklahoma, there are times when events unique to the Florida area can be shared and we can experience an event, or in this case, a view, that we otherwise would not.

Last week, Funds For Learning's Lori Fadok shared the following with the Oklahoma staff:

Yesterday morning, my day started out great with a birds-eye view of the 747 plane with Endeavour piggybacked as it did a low altitude “fly-by” over the area, it left Kennedy Space Center and went north, then turned around and went south over the beaches, and returned north over the Indian River so that the entire county could see it before it left for the California Science Center. It was an awesome sight (something is just spectacular about seeing the shuttle perched on top of a plane) but very sad to see the shuttle leave knowing it was permanent this time.

Thank you for sharing this awesome picture Lori.


About Lori Fadok: Since joining FFL is 2004, Lori has worked directly with a number of large school districts to prepare their E-rate applications, respond to questions from the SLD and support them during post-commitment audits conducted by external auditors. In her position, she provides direction to Funds For Learning's professional compliance services staff. In addition, she has communicated regularly with USAC representatives, Schools and Libraries Division's Program Integrity Assurance staff, the Client Service Bureau, Technical Client Service Bureau and the Invoicing Department.

Before joining FFL, Lori managed the E-rate application processes for one of the country's 50 largest districts. She worked for the district for more than 12 years in a variety of positions including administrative and technology positions at both the school-building and district-office level.