At Funds For Learning, we place a very high value on Teamwork. We strive to be good team players, willing to offer help, as well as ask for and receive assistance from our colleagues.

The past few weeks we have been working through the Funding Year 2011 Invoicing Deadline, and during this time, our regular fantasy football experts have been the embodiment of teamwork. For the past few weeks the Compliance Specialist group has been busy reviewing and entering invoices for the upcoming deadline. They have been preparing and following up on BEAR forms at the various service providers and prepping the forms for shipment. In short, they have been great teammates for FFL.

Needless to say, this increased activity pushed the fantasy football blogs to the back burner - that is until, in the spirit of teamwork, the Blue Team volunteered to step in and be surrogate experts for a couple of weeks.

Their intentions were good, but in hindsight, it may have been best to move one of our many fantasy football disclaimers to the top of the post for their week.

We're not fantasy football experts - we are E-rate experts. We are an E-rate compliance firm. We are committed to the long-term success of the E-rate program. We aim to help all E-rate stakeholders understand and effectively utilize the Universal Service Funding Program for Schools and Libraries and to comply with all of its rules.

So, why the sudden concern for a disclaimer? The Blue Team did bad.

Real bad.

Every. Single. Bit. Of. Advice. Was. Wrong.

Every start should have been a sit, and every sit a start. I don't think they could replicate those dismal results again if they tried. Of the marquee picks, they only got one of three correct.

On behalf of the Blue Team, we sincerely apologize to anyone that took their advice and welcome you to voice your displeasure. They deserve public ridicule. We fully expect our regularly scheduled fantasy football experts to be back in action next week.

Since we are still stuck with the Blue Team for one more week, and we obviously cannot trust them to give solid advice to our hundreds, nay, thousands, of dedicated fantasy football readers, we have eliminated their subjectivity and will rely purely on chance for this week.

We imported a list of the top ten scorers at quarterback, running back and wide receiver into a spread sheet, eliminated the bye week players, and inserted the random sort function. From there, we took the top data point from each category and flipped a coin - heads they start, tails they sit. After all, blind luck cannot possibly be any worse than letting the Blue Team pick on their own. Without further ado, the picks for this week:

Week 8 Sit/Starts - A coin flip is better than the Blue Team edition.

Peyton Manning – START

“I felt really good about that coin flip.” – Zach

Roddy White – SIT

“Why not, can't be any worse than my advice on Darren McFadden last week. Not only are we not as funny as the specialists, we are not as good at picking players." – Nick

Frank Gore – START

“Things seem to be going well for San Francisco sports right now. The coin knows.” – Stephen


For the "Marquee Matchups" we employed the same coin-flip tactic, heads - the home team wins, tails - the visitors.

Giants over Cowboys

Broncos over Saints

Cardinals over 49ers


We received the following questions (really) via Twitter.

@FFL L Morre or Austin? Britt or Cobb in diff league? "All-knowing coin flip time. Looks like Austin and Cobb." - Nick


If this is your first experience with Funds For Learning's Fantasy Football Friday's you might be a bit confused, and rightfully so - our expertise is in E-rate (we're pretty good at alliteration too), but not Fantasy Football.

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