Two Minute Drill Edition

E-rate Funding Year 2013 planning is well under way, so we are going to keep this one short and sweet.

Michael Vick (start) – Meh - 18.5 pts.Cedric Benson (start) – Another Meh - 10.6 pts.Mikel Leshoure (sit) – Good Call - 4.3 pts.Golden Tate (start) – Not good, not good at all. - 0.7 pts.Jermaine Gresham (start) – Not as bad as Tate, but definitely not great. (Boom - Poetry Bomb.) - 4.7 pts.Marquee match-ups: 1 of 3 for the week and 4 for 9 on the season.


Week 5 Sit/Starts

Ryan Mathews, RB, Chargers – START

"My nephews name is Matthew (spelled different but close enough)" - Laura

Martellus Bennett, TE, Giants – START

“Really like Jane Austen’s character Elisabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice” – Laura

Brian Hartline, WR, Dolphins – SIT

“Dolphins have a dark side that may include the capacity to kill." – Bea

Cam Newton, QB, Panthers – START

“Newton: Newton’s laws of motion: keep the ball moving down the field.” – Tiffany

Pierre Garcon, WR, Redskins – START

“I like his first name!" – Van"Sit: Just because I do not like that name." – Bea


Now for the picks of three marquee match-ups:

Steelers over Eagles

Patriots over Broncos

Jets over Texans


We received the following questions (really) via Twitter.

We were tagged in a conversation between three individuals trying to negotiate a trade. Below is the exchange:

Twitterer #1 @FFL Yo, I need a RB lets trade.Twitterer #2 @FFL Lets trade. Muarry?Twitterer #3 @FFL Who is that?

So, who is Muarry?

"Maybe he misspelled Maury. That is a talk show host. Or Andy Murray? He is a tennis player. No wonder he wants to trade him!" - Tiffany

"Bill Muarry and he is hilarious." - Laura


If this is your first experience with Funds For Learning's Fantasy Football Friday's you might be a bit confused, and rightfully so - our expertise is in E-rate (we're pretty good at alliteration too), but not Fantasy Football.

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