I attended the USAC training in St. Louis this week and after lunch, we were treated to a game of E-rate Bingo. This got me thinking, what other games could they incorporate into the trainings to liven things up?

Where’s Waldo?

This would require the player to find the lone E-rate applicant attendee amongst the sea of Service Providers, gaggle of State Coordinators and covey of Consultants.


"Training Participants were concerned that this 1954 William Golding novel would come to fruition after it was announced that there was not free wifi in the conference room."

"What is Lord of the Flies?”

The Price is Right

Have three training participants guess whether a single de minimus item and a collection of similar items are worth more or less than $20 and $50, respectively.

The $100,000 Pyramid

Two contestants bantering back and forth to guess the clues presented in the presentations.

"This topic comprised 12 slides of the program compliance presentation, only to be concluded with ‘applicants don’t need to worry about this.'"

“Ooohh…Lowest Corresponding Price!”

Deal or No Deal

Maybe more accurately named, Audit or No Audit, attendees will voluntarily grab the microphone and make self-incriminating claims about their CIPA compliance (or lack thereof).

All kidding aside, the St. Louis conference was a solid training and we are appreciative of USAC’s efforts to provide training to E-rate stakeholders.