USAC Training in Dallas was (Adjective)!

This week, we were (emotion) to hear that one of the creators of Mad Libs passed away. Larry Sloan, the last survivor of the trio of founders of Price Stern Sloan publishing, died last Sunday. He was 89.

In an effort to honor Mr. Sloan and his (adjective) Mad Libs, we are offering our readers the opportunity to help us describe the recent USAC training in Dallas. Just use the below list and insert your answer with the corresponding number in the text.

  • 1. Adjective ending in -er
  • 2. Verb
  • 3. Number
  • 4. Adjective
  • 5. Man’s Name
  • 6. Electronic Device
  • 7. Pre 1980’s Music Group
  • 8. Former Child Star
  • 9. Boys Name
  • 10. Food Item
  • 11. Song
  • 12. Number
  • 13. Unit of time
  • 14. Verb (past tense)
  • 15. Noun
  • 16. Number
  • 17. Plural Noun
  • 18. Same Number as #16
  • 19. Noun
  • 20. Same Number as #16
  • 21. Noun
  • 22. Gender
  • 23. Noun
  • 24. Noun
  • 25. Adjective
  • 26. Children’s Game
  • 27. Food Item
  • 28. Verb ending in –ing
  • 29. Animal
  • 30. Adjective
Everything is (1) in Texas

I was given the opportunity to (2) my first USAC training in Dallas, Texas, with (3) other co-workers. We started the journey off with a stop at one of (4) Nancy’s favorite places, Greasy (5) (it was all she talked about on the way there.) In the car we all took turns putting our (6)s on random, and listening to each other’s music. It was interesting to hear the different genres; it went from (7) to (8), to (9) Eat (10) to (11). After an interesting (12)(13) trip through highways, confusing exits, construction and industrial areas we (14) at our (15). Our rooms were on the (16) floor, but the elevator would not work for some reason. Needless to say we took an elevator ride to different (17), but could not stop on level (18). After we realized a (19) was needed to stop on that floor, we arrived on the mysterious level (20), which as it turns out is a (21) only floor (yes, they really have those.) I am still not sure why they put us there considering a (22) co-worker was with us. Don’t worry he was able to get a different (23) on a different (24).

The most (25) thing about the USAC training was E-rate (26) with (27) as the markers. I was so close to (28) I could taste it (not just because I was eating the markers), but unfortunately someone beat me to it. The trip home wasn’t as exciting as the way in, but we did stop at Two Frogs Grill, a place that sells (29) legs. Not really my forte, but did add a little adventure to the trip.

I am (30) I was chosen to attend the USAC training, and equally as thankful that it comes around once a year.