Apparently lucky pennies are only good for one round of football picks, because Ol' Abe missed the mark on week 9, giving a little less than adequate advice for the sit/starts and missing all three of the marquee match-ups. After this performance, our lucky penny has gone the way of the Blue Team and has officially been retired from participating in FFL's Fantasy Football Fridays.

Thankfully our fantasy football experts, The Specialists, stepped-up to the plate once again and knocked it out of the park.

Let's take a moment to bask in their football superiority. Go ahead, we'll wait.


That was a nice moment.

So, on to week 10 and a little explanation of the "rookie edition" title. You may be thinking that we will be looking solely at NFL rookies this week, and if that is the case, you are only half right. This week we are introducing the newest member of the Funds For Learning team, Candy Miller.

Candy is the newest Compliance Associate at Funds For Learning and she will be joining our other experts (both E-rate and Fantasy Football) for the remainder of the season. Welcome to the team Candy.

Without further ado, let's just go straight to the picks for week 10.

Start Andrew Luck - The consensuses is that he is "lucky".

Sit Trent Richardson - Apparently brown is appropriate as a color, but not as a name for a football team.

Sit Kendall Wright - If you spell right wrong, then it would be wrong to make him the right pick for week 10.

Sit Doug Martin - Plain name, plain game.

Start Ryan Tannehill - He tries really hard.


Marquee Match-Ups

Dolphins over Titans

Bears over Texans

Steelers over Chiefs


We received another statement via twitter that definitely is not football related. So we pitched it over to our old friend Abe for one last opinion before he rides into the sunset of retirement.

@FFL done eating :)

"Heads" - Lincoln


If this is your first experience with Funds For Learning's Fantasy Football Friday's you might be a bit confused, and rightfully so - our expertise is in E-rate (we're pretty good at alliteration too), but not Fantasy Football.

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