Fantasy Football Friday - Aloha Edition

The 2013 Pro Bowl selections have been announced and it looks like many of the usual suspects were selected to head back to Hawaii. Manning (Peyton), Brady, Rogers, Matthews, Bailey, Cromartie, etc. will battle with such tenacity, such a ferocious fire, that the game play will rival the hunger represented in even the greatest of Super Bowl match-ups.

Just kidding.

The combined efforts of the the greatest football players on the planet will be a half-speed - barely more physical than two-below touch - football game where the televised event will appear to be more of a paid advertisement by the Hawaii tourism bureau than anything that resembles a regular football game.

And along with the this very special game, we will revisit another annual tradition - the calls for the game to be abolished.

I do not hold strong feelings on either side, but I do enjoy knowing that the Pro Bowl is on - as it means we are that much closer to baseball season.

So, before we go any further with injecting any opinion in the Pro Bowl is Awesome vs. Pro Bowl is Terrible debate. Let's get to our Pro Bowl inspired picks for this last week of the regular season.

Fantasy Football Friday - 2013 Pro Bowl Selections Sit/Start Week 17

Sit Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos - He's one of the best QB's on one of the best teams in the NFL. However, since his team has clinched the AFC West, don't be surprised if he sees limited playing time to avoid injury.

Start Tom Brady, QB, Patriots - Patriots head-coach Bill Belichick would run up the score on his own mother regardless of any upcoming playoff games. I would suspect Brady sees the majority of the offensive snaps.

Start Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings - One game and 208 yards away from the single-season NFL rushing record. He's going to go for it and the Vikings coaching staff is going to give him the opportunity.

Start Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions - Lions aren't making the playoffs despite having the best passing game in the NFL (mind boggling). Johnson broke the single-season receiving record last week and will probably want to pad that record in the last game of the season.

Sit Jamaal Charles, RB, Chiefs - Speaking of mind-boggling, the Chiefs are sending more players to the Pro Bowl (5), then they have team wins (2). Charles has been a bright spot in the black hole that is the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 season, but don't expect much going against the Broncos defense.


Marquee Match-Ups

Giants over Eagles

Colts over Texans

Redskins over Cowboys


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