Calming Presence
  • Maintaining proper composure and perspective, even when the stakes are high
  • Offering a steady and consistent approach in the midst of stressful circumstances
  • Reducing the stress in others while staying collected, despite external agitation


At home, at work, or wherever you find yourself, there are opportunities throughout the day to help reduce the stress and anxiety that others might be experiencing. I call this GuideMark “Calming Presence.” Calmness comes about in many ways. We can bring a sense of calmness through our tone of voice or simply by not freaking out. In either case, a healthy reaction to a situation can play a big role in helping lower the stress and anxiety in a room.

Moving beyond reactions, there are also proactive steps that can be taken to provide calming presence. Performing duties in a consistent and steady manner can lower stress, too. Whether it is a service that we provide to a customer, or even chores that we do at home, fulfilling our responsibilities using a predictable, consistent approach can bring a sense of peace to the situation. People like to know what to expect. It helps them plan and prepare, it provides them with a sense of familiarity, and it reduces the mental load certain activities place on them.

To illustrate this, think about going to buy groceries. Just imagine if every time you went to the grocery store it had been rearranged. That would create stress for you. It would tax you mentally to have to search every aisle or constantly ask for directions. It would slow you down to try to find everything on your grocery list. Plus, even if you liked the new layout, all of your time and energy spent learning your way around would be for naught if it was all rearranged again on your next visit. There are reasons that the grocery store isn’t rearranged every day, or even every month.

So it is with the things we do. We can help others experience a sense of peace and calm by doing our work and approaching our tasks in a consistent manner. It sounds simple, and it sort of is, but something as rudimentary as answering the phone in the same way can be a calming presence. This week, pay attention to the ways you behave and respond. Seek to discern what others expect from you, and start to develop some consistencies in these tasks or the way you handle a task. It may help others stay calm – whatever life has in store.


Key words and phrases

Steady and collected; Not agitated or disturbed; Steadiness of mind under stress; Composed; Peaceful; Cause to be calm; Collected; Abate stress.

Opposite terms

Agitation; Commotion; Disturb; Stir up.


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