Working in a Winter Wonderland

The Christmas ice and snow may have fallen outside the Funds For Learning office, but the winter chill was inside Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, the warmth of the holidays was not enough to thaw out frozen fingers when FFL employees returned to work after Christmas holiday to a struggling heater. Employees kept their coats, scarves, and gloves on as they endured the frosty air. And along with warm clothes, several other methods were used to keep warm without the heater.

  • Specialists all huddled around a shared spaced heater
  • Micah brought his warm personality
  • Katie gave her blue scarf to Eric to keep his head warm
  • Stephen constructed a cardboard enclosure around his desk

FFL survived the cold and we are thankful for a working heater today. But next time it snows, everyone might want to have a few extra hand warmers and blankets at their desk.