After spending the holiday break watching year-end countdown shows, your friendly Funds For Learning bloggers began to get a little sentimental about the calendar year that was 2012.

Now that the busyness of the Holiday season has passed and we are slowly beginning to settle back into our normal routines, we put together our own year-end list, revisiting ten of our most popular (or just favorite) blogs of 2012.

Block Friday - Introducing the most innovative E-rate-endurance-enhancing idea: the E-rate Survival Kit. The FFL Golden Tape Dispenser - With Kentucky's convincing win over Kansas in the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship, Sean Lock won the inaugural FFL Golden Tape Dispenser of Bracket Dominance. May the Fourth Be With You - Nancy manages to upset four different fan bases in one fell swoop. Getting to Know A Little Bit More About Alfred - Alfred holds the distinction as the only FFLer to have two very deserving “Getting to Know…” posts. Thundered Up In Our Thunder Wear - The OKC Thunder made the NBA finals and FFL marked the occasion with Thunder Wear on game days. Happy E-rate New Year! - How does one exactly ring-in the new E-rate funding year? Poetry, fireworks, fancy punchbowls, E-rate – this post has it all. The FFL Olympic Games XV - Combining the celebration of Funds For Learning's 15th anniversary with the 30th Olympiad, FFL launched the Inaugural Funds For Learning Olympics XV. A Test-takers Guide to the E-mpa Galaxy - Senior Compliance Analyst, Stephen Sharp, offers his advice on how to prepare for and take the E-rate Management Professionals Association (E-mpa) certification exam. USAC Training in Dallas was (Adjective)! - A moving tribute to the creator of Mad Libs and a fun description of USAC training. This (noun) was (adjective)! Twelve Facts About Twelve - Jumping on the 12/12/12 bandwagon, we put together and interesting list of 12 facts about 12.

A HUGE thank you to all of our faithful blog readers. We look forward to another year of showing our unique company culture and the great people that make up your E-rate guides at Funds For Learning.