With only two weeks remaining in the 2013 E-rate filing window, E-rate stakeholders are undoubtedly beginning to feel the stress of the impending March 14 deadline. There are bids to evaluate, vendors to select,  contracts to sign (and amend and re-sign, and amend and re-sign, and amend…), applications to complete, a website that times out, Items 21 to submit, etc. It’s enough to make the most docile of applicants want to throw their mouse through their monitor.

The E-rate Guides at Funds For Learning (along with preparing a mountain of applications for applicants across the country) are working to be a calming presence to all E-rate stakeholders.  By encouraging everyone to “Keep Calm and File On”, Funds For Learning developed an E-rate survival kits that are calming the frazzled nerves of their recipients.

The E-rate Guides at Funds For Learning reminding everyone to “Keep Calm and File On”.

Funds For Learning’s free “E-rate Filing Window Survival Kits” provide a calming presence during the E-rate filing window. The complimentary kits provide stress reducing items such as stress balls, fortune cookies with an encouraging E-rate related prediction, and snacks to help sustain one’s energy during late night application marathons.

E-rate applicants have been signing up for the kits since January and the response has been tremendous. A survival kit has made its way to each of the 50 states and the Virgin Islands. We have received some great feedback from the recipients and even a few pictures of the kits in action.


That is keeping calmest Yorkie I’ve ever seen.



The chocolate candies are a popular stress reliever.

We have a limited quantity of survival kits available. If you would like a complimentary kit, or would like to send a kit to someone that is feeling the E-rate filing window stress, click on the picture below, fill out the easy form and we will get it in the mail.

And remember…