How quickly is USAC processing E-rate funding requests?  While Funding Year 2012 had the largest single wave in program history and enjoyed a brisk funding pace for Priority 1 requests, Priority 2 commitments seem to be moving slowly for the second year in a row.

The following chart shows total cumulative funding commitments made weeks after each year’s respective filing window close.  While the total funds committed for FY2012 as of today are less than the same timeframe in funding years prior, the pace of commitments prior to 37 weeks from the filing window close was quicker:


The pace of Priority 1 funding commitments in FY2012 is considerably quicker than in the past four years:


While Priority 1 funding in FY2012 moved quickly, commitments for Priority 2 services in Funding Years 2012 and 2011 moved significantly slower than in Funding Years 2009 and 2010: