I am thankful for the E-rate program and for the many stakeholders that participate in the E-rate program. The E-rate program has been a wonderful federal program that has helped thousands of schools and libraries in every corner of the country.

I am thankful for all E-rate administrators who do their best to get the latest technologies to help their students learn in a 21st century classroom and utilize the E-rate dollars effectively.

I am thankful for thousands of service providers that provide critical advanced telecommunications and networking services to our nation’s students. E-rate program simply would not have been able to thrive without the technology companies’ willingness to participate and understand their obligations and responsibilities.

I am thankful for USAC staff that do their best to provide the necessary training and support to program beneficiaries’ in order to help stakeholders understand how to apply successfully and in a compliant manner.

The FCC has limited resources and have many important issues to deal with and I am thankful for FCC staff that has made reforming E-rate program a priority. 

What are you thankful for?