The FY 2015 Form 471 filing deadline is March 26, 2015 –five short weeks away. While many applicants will wait until the last few days before submitting their application paperwork, as of today approximately 10% of E-rate applicants have filed their Form 471 for Funding Year 2015.
27,222 applicants filed applications in FY 2014. Currently, 2,621 applicants have submitted FY 2015 Forms 471 totaling $120.6 million. Most of the FY 2015 applications that have already been submitted are smaller to medium size applications for an average requested amount of $46,021 per applicant – the final average requested amount for FY 2014 ended up at $179,730 per applicant.

For a detailed breakdown of the Category One and Category Two funding requests, you can read our two previous analysis articles on the FY 2015 filing window here: January 30 and February 13.

The tables below provide an analysis of the submitted FY 2015 funding requests by service category and applicant type.

FY 2015 Funding Requests by Service Category


FY 2015 Funding Requests by Applicant Type