Your feedback is important. Please take the survey today! It is available here. 

Funds For Learning is conducting a nationwide survey of schools and libraries, gathering feedback about the E-rate program to submit to the FCC. This is our 6th national survey, providing you with the opportunity to share your thoughts about the impact of the program. How important is E-rate funding to your organization? What was your experience dealing with the new EPC system? This is your chance to provide input to the FCC without having to prepare a formal letter.

After the survey closes, we will submit the results to the FCC and share them with the public.

By sharing your views you can help improve the application process and aid in the modernization of the changing E-rate program! It is your personal feedback that will make the difference.

We appreciate all responses and keep them confidential and anonymous.

For a closer look at the 2016 Applicant Survey, please watch our video.

Where do I take the survey?
The survey is online at this address:

Why should I take the time?
Without your direct input, policy makers must guess what you think is working and what could be improved. It’s better to let them know your thoughts. Plus, taking the survey is much quicker than preparing your own formal filing to the FCC.

What difference does it make?
The FCC has made it clear that E-rate modernization is an on-going process. Work is being done now to prepare for FY2017 and beyond. Your opinion can influence those upcoming years.

Who reads the survey results?
The survey data is compiled and submitted into the official docket for review by FCC staff; it is also circulated to Congressional offices and to the media; and, of course, it is shared with the general public.

How do I know my responses are confidential?
This is our 6th national survey of E-rate applicants. Individual results have never been shared with USAC or the FCC, and the data is only used for research and analysis.