• Developing creative approaches to fulfill the needs of others
  • Striving to succeed and staying positive even when encountering resistance
  • Searching for a resolution to satisfy the needs and requirements of all parties


The word resolve is an interesting word. It refers to both an action and an attitude:

  • As an action, it means to bring about a successful conclusion. “We resolved the dispute.”
  • As an attitude, it refers to determination. “Nothing can break our resolve.”

At Funds For Learning, we put these two definitions together in an action-attitude that we call Solution-Minded. We are resolved to resolve, meaning we are dedicated to finding resolution to the challenges facing our clients. We have decided that we will face issues, requirements, setbacks and problems with a determination to find and develop solutions that meet the needs of those involved.

Solution-minded is:

  • Striving to understand and address the needs of ALL interested parties.
  • Deciding to seek out answers and solutions that benefit everyone.
  • Choosing not to compromise one need over another whenever possible.
  • Not stopping when only one side’s needs have been met.

For example, our school clients have a need for funding to support their Internet access. These funds come from the E-rate program. At the same time, the E-rate fund administrator, USAC, has a requirement to see that the funds are spent appropriately. Both needs are legitimate, and both needs are real. The school needs the money. USAC needs to fulfill its oversight responsibility. At times these different requirements seem at odds with one another. Our job at Funds For Learning is not to help one of these needs be met at the expense of the other. Both needs should be met. We need to help the school get funding AND we need to help USAC oversee the use of the funds. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it isn’t. Either way, we have decided to find solutions that help both parties satisfy their needs.

This is the essence of Solution-Minded. It is an action-attitude. It is a decision to recognize all the needs around the table and to work to find a way to address them to the fullest extent possible.


Key Words and Phrases

Strive for an answer; Find a new way; Seek a resolution; Persevere; Solve a problem; Deliver the results; Don’t stop at the first hurdle; Address the need.

Opposite Terms

Close-minded; Decline; Reject; Refuse.


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