• Keeping promises while facing challenges or the temptation of an easier path
  • Seeing something through to the end and keeping the right attitude about it
  • Honoring my responsibilities with diligence, even when it requires sacrifice


Most outcomes in life – and certainly most significant outcomes – require commitment, keeping promises and seeing things through to the end, even in the face of challenges and sacrifice. Commitment can be a scary thing because it involves risk, investment of time, self-sacrifice, and, typically, a healthy dose of hard work. Commitment also calls for faith. I have to believe that this thing that I am committed in will stand true, be a success, etc. At some point or another, to be committed usually requires all of these actions and belief in spite of what others may be saying, or what you may actually be feeling.

In my personal experience, I have discovered that commitment is not something that can be done very well in a haphazard or partway manner. Involvement does not equate to commitment. I am either committed, or I am not committed. There is not much room for in-between. When I hold back and just “commit a little”, I am actually not committing at all.

But how can I guard against this phenomena? One solution is called Burn the Boats. At times, it is necessary to take steps that lock-in commitment and require in “all in” approach. If you are not familiar with the Burn the Boats principle, I recommend that you watch this 5-minute video by Andy Andrews. In it, you will hear a story of an army leader that ordered the escape boats be burned in order to spur the troops onto success.

I am not suggesting that you must take such drastic measures. (Don’t go out and burn your car if you have a big deadline to meet today!) But I am encouraging you to look at your commitments and to ask yourself if you are holding back from them. If you are, you may want to think about burning a few boats in your life. In doing so, you might transition yourself from involvement to commitment.

Commitment requires more than involvement. It requires dedication and sacrifice. At Funds For Learning, we are committed to providing our clients with the best service that they can receive anywhere, and we are committed to making our company the best place to work. Period.


Key Words and Phrases

Sticking with it; Faithfulness; Worthy of trust; Diligent and reliable; Dedication to a pledge; Dependable; Sacrifice to keep a promise; Taking ownership of a situation

Opposite Terms

Not finishing the job; Undependable; Not worthy of trust; Wishy-washy


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