• Applying rigorous attention to accuracy and detail
  • Understanding the full scope of an assignment and seeing it through to completion
  • Working to the best of my ability in a comprehensive, correct and timely manner
The GuideMark for this week is Thoroughness. When I begin to think about how this is demonstrated in our work at Funds for Learning, I think about our clients and what it means for us to provide a thorough service. I am convinced that at a basic level this GuideMark is about customer service. As E-rate Guides we have a service to provide, and it is our job to provide that service to our clients with attention to accuracy and detail in a timely manner.
Currently, I am in the process of planning my wedding. With that comes interacting with many vendors over several months to get the product I want for the wedding. Take my photographer for example; I had to meet with and hire him seven months prior to the wedding. If on the wedding day he shows up and takes pictures but never gives them to me, what is the point of having him there? He has a task to deliver a service to the best of his ability in a timely manner. If he does not do a thorough job of photographing my wedding and delivering the pictures to me, as his customer I would be very upset.
Daily we are working for clients and we, just like my photographer, have tasks to complete with attention to accuracy and detail. For example; if we have weekly calls with a client all year and know exactly what they want to do, but never actually enable our clients to apply for funding, what is the point?
We are a company that has a service to fulfill, and we must fulfill the service to the best of our ability with attention to detail while understanding the full scope of the assignment. If a photographer has only photographed dogs but then accepts a job photographing someone’s wedding, the lack of experience photographing people could cause issues when completing the assignment.
At FFL, our clients engage us to help them comply with E-rate rules and regulations. Being thorough is not something we can leave out of our daily work. We have a simple goal of seeing our clients receive funding so they can invest in the education and learning opportunities that are available for the children that our clients are responsible for. Thoroughness is essential to our daily work in meeting our goals for compliance, funding and investing in the future minds of the world.
Key Words and Phrases
Carried through to completion; Fully developed; Attention to accuracy and detail; Seeing it through to the end; Covering your bases
Opposite Terms
Incomplete; Partial; Lacking

GuideMarks – Distinguishing Characteristics of FFL E-rate Guides

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