• Performing well in a consistent manner over a long period of time

  • Yielding dependable and predictable outcomes again and again

  • Contributing to the team on a consistent and trusted basis

Reliability, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same results on repeated trials. You do not become reliable by doing something just once. Being known as a reliable person requires a consistent performance over a long period of time. In the end all that hard work is worth it as we build our relationships with our family, friends, and others, as well as, opens the possibility for new opportunities.
I am reminded of a great trip my wife and I took at the beginning of this month. We traveled to the great Pacific Northwest to visit with family and take in some of the sites. One of the cool things we had an opportunity to do is go snowmobiling. Not knowing the first thing about snowmobiling required a little investigative work on our part. We needed to know the best place to go snowmobiling and more importantly a reliable snowmobile rental company.
Thankfully in today’s time, that task was made easier by a quick search of the old “inter-web”. Our party pulled out our mobile devices and in a matter of minutes we had a list of ideal places to go snowmobiling and rental companies to rent snow machines from. What made this such an easy task is other people’s willingness to share their experiences on various social media platforms and company websites. In today’s world, getting down to the good, the bad, and the downright ugly isn’t very hard to do with a few key search words. 
Our quick search allowed us to find numerous reviews of great places to go snowmobiling, rental companies that had extensive track records of positive reviews, while weeding out those companies with consistently bad reviews. We were able to further narrow our list of potential candidates down by seeing how long each company has been around, how well they maintained their snowmobiles, how helpful the owners/employees were in answering various questions, etc. The company we found provided snow gear, at no extra charge, a bonus to those of us who live in less than cold and snowy conditions.
Being able to find the rental company who consistently received great reviews about their reliability and trustworthiness put our minds at ease by making sure we picked a rental company that would be able to meet all of our needs. Furthermore, it allowed our group of snowmobiling novices to share one of the greatest experiences we have ever had in, hands down, one of the prettiest places we have ever had the opportunity to visit. We will definitely be going back again! The rental company definitely lived up to its well earned reviews.
FFL’s reliable service produces the same effect for our customers and in our own lives. When we deliver results consistently over time, we build up trust. This trust allows us to continue serving our clients and helping them succeed. Our reliable service increases the value we bring to our customers and over time, we are often given new tasks and expanded responsibilities that we would not otherwise have had entrusted to us.

Key Words and Phrases
Dependability; Consistently able to be trusted; Constant; Yielding the same results repeatedly; Responsible; Solid and sure; Predictable; Stable and steadfast.

Opposite Terms
Undependable; Faltering; Irresponsible; Can’t be counted on.


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