• Developing creative approaches to fulfill the needs of others
  • Striving to succeed and staying positive even when encountering resistance
  • Searching for a resolution to satisfy the needs and requirements of all parties

What’s a chemist’s favorite GuideMark? Solution-Minded

Terrible jokes aside, Solution-Minded is one of my favorite GuideMarks. As a software developer, it is at the core of what I do all day long. Whenever we are given challenges or a need to fill, we dig deep into the problem and figure out the best way to address it. Sometimes this is quick and easy – other times it can take months of work. But done right, your solution should address the issue for all parties involved.

I also find that Solution-Minded also complements our other GuideMarks quite well. It completes Work By Design – and it is needed when others’ designs don’t work. Being Solution-Minded compels Thoroughness as well. And, done properly, it helps you to have (and provide to others) a Calming Presence.


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