• Treating others with respect and courtesy, being honest and responsible at all times
  • Adhering to high standards of integrity and ethics without wavering
  • Dressing, communicating, and conducting myself in a manner appropriate to the setting

My youngest son is ten, he is a pretty good soccer player and soccer is his favorite sport. This past fall my wife and I decided that he should try out for a more competitive league than the city’s recreation league. He tried out and ultimately was selected to play on a local club’s soccer team. After the first few fall practices the kids on the team began to learn about spacing, passing and generally how to be better soccer players, which was pretty exciting to see. However, something was bothering me about the club team. The coach was often late, or it took him 10 minutes to set up the goals or cones or to get organized. Apparently, the same coach also coached several other teams that were part of the soccer club and they were different ages and he often seemed confused when the games were scheduled. He always made it to the games, but it stressed out the parents about if he would actually show up. When the season ended, I had to make a decision on whether to keep my son playing on this club team or coming up with another plan. My son was learning more about playing soccer for this team, but my time and my son’s time was not respected by the coach. I know that there are other club teams for my son to try out or he could play for the city’s recreation league again. The bottom line was that I had options and I decided that even though my son had improved over the season, I had him change to another local soccer club.

Funds For Learning has a series of GuideMarks that we strive to meet on a regular basis in order for us to better serve our clients. One of my favorite GuideMarks is “professionalism” and it is critical to treat our customer’s precious time with respect and always have high standards of integrity. We can work with our customers on preparing and submitting Form 471s by the deadline, but if we are late to conference calls or are not prepared at the start of a meeting that helps us get the Form 471 to the finish line, that shows disrespect to our clients’ time. We know that the clients can decide that they have options and stop using our service to submit their Form 471 applications just like I decided my son should go to another club team. Funds For Learning is a unique professional services firm and always strives to be professional and meet all of our other GuideMarks in order for our customers to have the best experience possible when working with us.

Key Words and Phrases
Exhibiting courteous behavior; Conscientious manners; Technical prowess; Expert; Ethical standards; Trained; Experienced; Authority.

Opposite Terms
Amateur; Inexperienced; Dabbler; Non-expert.


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