• Communicating information, sharing assignments and working cohesively with the FFL team
  • Appreciating and leveraging the strengths of others, relying on them for help, input and feedback
  • Volunteering to help someone else complete a task without expecting credit for it

Harmony: The simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear

Most often, when I think of harmonies, I think of the music definition listed above. However, harmony is also defined as: An agreement, accord, or harmonious relation

Most of us, at some point, have been on a team. We’ve been paired with people we like and people we don’t like, or the English teacher assigned group leadership to you for a book report about a book you didn’t read. But when a team finds a way to not only function and produce successful results, to become a harmonious unit, then teamwork is at its finest.

Personally, I work on a team with extraordinary people who I’ve adopted as a mentor, a go-to for advice, a crazy uncle, a strong-and-steady presence and an Excel spreadsheet guru. I’m the millennial of the group, and therefore the receiver of (almost) all teasing and mischief. 

While everyone in my team varies in personality and skill, we never cease to follow one of the GuideMark’s main points: appreciate and leverage the strengths of others, relying on them for help, input and feedback. We actively communicate with each other to better understand our clients’ needs, and how we can work together to effectively complete the obstacle course of the E-rate world. 

An important part of teamwork at FFL is understanding when schools and libraries engage us, they are communicating with a singular team of guides, which works together to complete a task even if only one of us is actively communicating with the school or library. The schools and libraries we serve become part of the FFL team, as all sides of the equation work cohesively with invoicing, FCC forms, appeals, PIA and much more.

When schools, libraries and FFL guides find that unique path for communication, task responsibility and personability, harmonious teamwork is achieved. And, it can be pleasing to the ear to hear (and say) “Congratulations, your FY2018 application(s) are done!” 

Thumbs up to teamwork.


Key Words and Phrases

Reliance and interdependence; Common goals; Shared responsibility; Cooperation; Mutual accountability; Blended strengths; Esprit de corps; Trust in one another.

Opposite Terms

Going it alone; Not trusting others; Not supporting others; Not relying on others.


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