• Foreseeing and intervening in anticipation of future needs or changes
  • Initiating and preparing beforehand rather than reacting afterwards
  • Taking steps ahead of time based on training, knowledge and experience
This week’s GuideMark is Proactive - foreseeing and intervening in anticipation of future needs or changes.
Recently, I came across a couple of thought-provoking questions that I would like to share. First, what is your attitude towards change? Second, what is your attitude toward intentional learning? Each of us would certainly have different thoughts and ideas depending on a situation or circumstance. Let’s take a glance at these questions and answer them in terms of being proactive. 

First, strive for change – We live in a world that is constantly changing, be it in an educational, political, or technological environment, just to mention but a few, and embracing change places us in a better position to be competitive and successful. For instance, here is the state of Internet access, “…one-third of American households do not have the Internet access that they need…” (Internet Equity Is More Than Net Neutrality, 2017). As a proactive measure, the FCC has laid out a plan to close the digital divide in a their 2018-2022 strategic plan
Secondly, keep developing oneself by learning and acquiring new skills and technical expertise – the previous example of closing the digital divide is of course easier said than done. Educating ourselves about the intricacies or complexities involved will better equip us to address the issue.  
So, how do we enhance proactiveness? Have a clear and reasonable goal, have a plan on how to achieve the goal, and foresee hurdles or obstacles that prevent one from attaining the said goal. 

Proactive has been one of the driving forces for staying true to Funds For Learning’s mission of providing high-quality consulting and support services for the needs of E-rate program participants, and helping clients to understand and maintain compliance with E-rate rules and regulations. One of the great examples is the ongoing E-rate advocacy efforts FFL has immersed itself in. This week FFL launched its eighth national survey of E-rate applicants. The surveys are conducted with the aim of helping shape the future of the E-rate program. Join the proactive efforts by taking the 2018 Applicant Survey today! 

Key words and phrases
Acting in anticipation; Causing something to happen; Taking steps based on experience; Foreseeing; Preparing beforehand; Intervening ahead of time; Initiating instead of reacting; Farsighted planning and action

Opposite terms
Shortsighted; Reactionary; Improvident; Myopic


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