On March 31, 2018, Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) submitted their 2017 Annual Report to the FCC. It was disappointing to see the 2017 Annual Report had much less substance, statistics, and performance measures than previous USAC annual reports. Here are a few of the statistics that were omitted from the 2017 annual report:
  • Number of USF contributors
  • Total contributions to the USF
  • Total delinquencies or past due payments
  • Average time to process payments for each USF program
  • USAC complaint statistics
  • How many applications were submitted, granted or rejected by USF program
  • Invoices received, paid and rejected by quarter for each USF program
  • Current USAC appeals per quarter
  • Average calendar days to resolve appeals by quarter
  • E-rate commitments for each state by funding year and calendar year
  • E-rate commitments by discount bands and service categories
The information is helpful to stakeholders that want to get a better understanding of how the various Universal Service Programs run and to compare data and statistics year over year. I hope USAC can provide additional performance measures and statistics in another public forum.