• Providing outcomes that represent the best efforts for the task at hand
  • Going the extra mile to deliver completed assignments to co-workers and customers
  • Refusing to be satisfied with incomplete or inferior work
Do you ever use the phrase “Put Your Best Foot Forward”? It is a rather odd expression, especially if you repeat it too many times or think about it too much. It means to make a good first impression and to start strong (presumably in order to finish strong).

The Funds For Learning GuideMark “Your Best Work Forward” is built around this premise of a strong start. It implies bringing forth the best you have to give, and doing so from the very beginning. It means providing outcomes and delivering work that represents the best you have to give every time, right from the get-go.


Here is an unfortunate truth. Poor work equals poor work. It is simple, but true. If I desire to do bad work, then the best way to achieve that goal is to do bad work – and bad work is no good for anybody.

When I have done bad work, and poor results have followed, it is not unusual for me to play a game of “what-if” with myself. For example:

  • What if I had worked a little longer?
  • What if I had asked someone to double-check my work?
  • What if I had stopped and thought about this more?
  • What if I had just…

You get the point. If I do my best work, I reduce the what-if’s that go along with inferior work. This does not mean that I will do everything perfectly. It just means that when things go wrong or the results fall short -- which they inevitably will from time-to-time -– I will be able to eliminate or at least reduce my own second guessing. I will know that I did my best based on the knowledge, skills and experience that I possessed at the time.

And others will know it, too. I have found that both clients and co-workers are far more understanding and forgiving when they know that I have given something my all, even if it did not turn out exactly as planned.


The emphasis of Your Best Work Forward is not to have a clear conscious if something goes wrong. (Here is a list of some of the primary advantages to working with Your Best Work Forward.) However, there is something to be said for the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your all and did your best, regardless of the outcome. This is another reason why, at Funds For Learning, we always strive to put our best work forward.

P.S. Here are some practical tips for improving quality of the work.

Key Words and Phrases
Excellence; Greatest degree of good; Maximum effort; Highest quality service; Do your best; Top performance; Finest; Complete, lacking in nothing.

Opposite Terms
Lacking; Incomplete; Unprepared; Shoddy.

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