Funds For Learning is recognizing our E-rate Guides on their anniversary, giving them the opportunity to reflect on the past year and knowledge of the industry.
Kyle Tully's anniversary with Funds For Learning is June16.
Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary at Funds For Learning. What was your initial attraction to FFL?
Well . . . I didn’t know what E-rate was – I’m sure that’s the case with most of my fellow employees - so I can’t say it was a strong desire to work in the field that attracted me to FFL.
Instead, the first thing that stood out about FFL when I began working here was the way the company treats people. From the interview process to the training stage to my first project. I was always treated with respect. At the time, that quality definitely set the company apart, particularly because I was interviewing for and considering two or three other jobs at the time. There was a clear difference between FFL and these other companies in terms of the way they deal with people. 
That always stood out to me. Now, having been here a while (3 years??), it’s clear this is an intentional and important part of the company’s culture. It’s on display each time a new employee starts and in every interaction with a client. 
What keeps you at FFL now or is it still (whatever the initial attraction was)?
What I love about my specific role is the variation. I can work on something completely different from one day to the next, and I typically do. 
I also really enjoy being able to help our clients receive or recover E-rate dollars they may have thought were otherwise unavailable or lost. That’s a good feeling. 
Can you think of a time that you were looking through the appeals database and thinking this stakeholder should have sought outside legal counsel, or, are there times in general that stakeholders should seek outside counsel?
Contractual issues between an applicant and service provider should almost always be handled privately and, if necessary, with the advice of counsel. 
What are the most consistent issues you see being appealed by applicants?
Probably errors made by applicants made during the application process and USAC mistakes. 
We interviewed you when you first started back in 2015 and you were really excited about new seasons of House of Cards. Are you still watching HoC, or if not, what are you watching now? 
House of Cards didn’t go anywhere – I’m still watching.  
Also, any time my girlfriend’s not around, I’m usually working my way through the 13 seasons of King of the Hill (for about the 5th time).