• Keeping promises while facing challenges or the temptation of an easier path
  • Seeing something through to the end and keeping the right attitude about it
  • Honoring my responsibilities with diligence, even when it requires sacrifice
When I was asked to share my thoughts on the GuideMark Commitment, my immediate thought was that to be successful at most anything in life, it requires some level of accountability and commitment. Whether it be a career or a relationship, it requires time, dedication, hard work, and accepting challenges, both good and bad, to be successful.   

Personally, I can relate to the challenge. This past month has brought torrential rain and thunderstorms, and trust me, being committed has not been easy with a four-legged friend that wants to go for a walk, regardless of the conditions outside. I’m happy to report that I’ve successfully overcome my fear of lightning (somewhat), learned to accept bad hair days, and have come to grips with towel drying a wet dog as part of my daily routine. I sometimes catch myself thinking a cat may have been a better fit (not really, and please don’t tell my dog). What it has done for me is reinforce that commitment is a necessity for most situations in life that result in a good outcome.  

As for my career, I’ve been fortunate to work at Funds For Learning for fourteen years, and for a company that’s committed to the success of their clients. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by supportive colleagues and knowing that the students in the classroom benefit from the work we do is very gratifying and makes it easy to be committed to E-rate.

Key words and phrases
Sticking with it; Faithfulness; Worthy of trust; Diligent and reliable; Dedication to a pledge; Dependable Sacrifice to keep a promise; Taking ownership of a situation

Opposite terms
Not finishing the job; Undependable; Not worthy of trust; Wishy-washy

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