• Performing well in a consistent manner over a long period of time

  • Yielding dependable and predictable outcomes again and again

  • Contributing to the team on a consistent and trusted basis

Call me childish, but two of my favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Why? Because underneath all the chaos, adventures and drama of finding someone who is lost (whether they know it or not) the movies show what it means to put aside pride and rely on someone else. Marvin, Nemo’s dad, couldn’t find his son on his own. He may have had strong motivation and the cleverness to handle some situations, but there always comes a time when someone can’t solve every problem on their own, and that’s when reliability becomes key. 

To me, being reliable means more than just submitting a project on time, every time. The work I put into something needs to be the best work I can put forward; otherwise someone is forced to come along behind me and clean up any messes and mistakes I made. Being reliable means maintaining consistency even when life or work throws a wrench in your plan, and doing the necessary work to build trust.
Track and field is primarily an individual sport but the relays, usually consisting of four people, showcase reliability. If any of the four members didn’t give 110% at practice, didn’t sleep, eat or stretch right, or (heaven forbid) forgot their spikes, the chances for that team to succeed in weekend competitions plummet. Each of the members rely on one another to put aside temptations, laziness, distractions and more to perform well, and to perform consistently. 

At Funds For Learning we know that E-rate is shifting to often for any one of us to know everything on our own. That’s why we’re a team, and why we rely on each other. We actively encourage reliability among our internal teams and our company as a whole because each guide is a piece to the puzzle, each guide has something to contribute. We learn how to rely on each other and how to build up reliable qualities within ourselves so at the end of the day we’re a well-oiled E-rate machine.

Key Words and Phrases
Dependability; Consistently able to be trusted; Constant; Yielding the same results repeatedly; Responsible; Solid and sure; Predictable; Stable and steadfast.

Opposite Terms
Undependable; Faltering; Irresponsible; Can’t be counted on.

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