As of September 1, 2018, per the FCC target time frame, the SLD should have committed all “workable” Form 471 applications; however, as of September 17, 2018, there is still $868 million worth of applications that need to be reviewed by the SLD.  About 40% of those are for fiber-related wide area networks, either leased or purchased. Here is an update on these funding requests based on available E-rate public data.
  • The first 2 of 156 applicants were funded for lit fiber funding requests in Wave 23 on September 14, 2018:
    • One funding commitment is for $13.4 million for a consortium in Texas.
    • One funding commitment is for $32K for a service agency in Idaho.
    • There are still 154 applicants waiting for word on their Lit Fiber funding requests. The pending projects total $250.8 million.
  • The SLD has awarded 133 applicants with funding commitments for Self-Provisioned Fiber projects totaling $5 million. Another 114 applicants are still waiting for word on projects totaling $36.4 million in requests.
  • The SLD has committed funds for 112 applicants with requests for Dark Fiber projects that totaling $2.9; There are 98 applicants with dark fiber applications still pending. These total $96.6 million.
Hopefully the SLD will commit these funds soon so that schools and libraries can use these services.