• Applying rigorous attention to accuracy and detail
  • Understanding the full scope of an assignment and seeing it through to completion
  • Working to the best of my ability in a comprehensive, correct and timely manner

Last Friday I was heading home from work, looking forward to going out to eat with my family. We love going out to dinner on Friday nights. We get to sit down and talk and make our plans for the next couple days. It’s just a nice way to kick off the weekend. 

I haven’t had a good steak in a while, so I ordered the filet. When our food arrived, everything looked and smelled great. It’s exactly what I expected. I cut into it for that first bite and, oh no... this is actually NOT what I expected.

Now I know this has probably happened to everyone at some point. And it’s definitely not the end of the world. Most of the time the restaurant is very willing to make up for the mistake. But even if they correct it, it can still cause the dining experience to...leave a bad taste in your mouth (sorry). 

Thoroughness is about delivering a good customer experience by meeting, and hopefully exceeding, expectations. It’s about the details. Did I order and receive a steak? Technically yes, but not quite the way I asked for it. 

At Funds For Learning, we are meticulous about the details. If a school district requested Internet access at 1 Gbps, but we prepared an application for 100 Mbps, would we have provided the service they expected? Technically, we would have provided them an application for Internet access. But like my steak, it is not what they expected. And even worse, in this case it’s probably not what they NEEDED.  

We prepare hundreds of applications every year. Our ability to consistently demonstrate Thoroughness allows our clients to trust us to deliver what they expect and need. We do this by asking the right questions, listening to the answers, and then delivering on the details in a timely manner. 

And this goes well beyond preparing applications during the filing window. It’s the little things that really builds that trust. It’s answering emails and phone calls, carefully scrolling through invoices, constructing PIA responses, and so many other daily tasks.  

It is often said that you “eat with your eyes.” Someone can make the food on your plate look terrific and make you want to eat it. But if it’s not cooked properly, it won’t taste very good. Or worse, you could get sick. At Funds For Learning, our standards for thoroughness are high because we aim for 100% compliance and accuracy for all our clients. That’s what they expect (and deserve). 

Anyone can make an application look like an application. It could even be submitted in a timely manner. But if the information is incorrect, or it’s missing important pieces, then ultimately, it’s not what you ordered. And that just might ruin your Friday night. 


Key Words and Phrases
Carried through to completion; Rigorous and exhaustive; Fully developed in all aspects; Having full mastery; Leaving no stone unturned; Painstakingly careful; Seeing it through to the end; Touching all bases; Meticulous, with great care; Attentive to accuracy and detail.

Opposite Terms
Shoddy; Superficial; Partial; Incomplete; Lacking.

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