The FY 2017 invoice deadline for recurring services is October 29, 2018. A one-time 120-day extension will be granted if a request is submitted before October 29, 2018. USAC recently announced that they have a new invoice deadline extension request tool within the E-rate Productivity Portal (EPC) that stakeholders should use to request the extension. There are currently 11,096 funding requests totaling $147.6 million affecting 5,693 applicants and 1,753 service providers who have not started the invoice process.
Many applicants and service providers have already submitted their BEARs or SPIs for FY 2017 recurring services and here is a breakdown of the method preferred:
  • 7,657 applicants submitted BEARs totaling $367.6 million
  • 11,393 applicants received discounted invoices and had their service providers submit SPIS totaling $637.4 million
The SLD conducts invoice reviews to ensure that no improper payments were made to applicants and here is a checklist that is necessary to document compliance if selected for a Payment Quality Assurance invoice review.