• Fulfilling needs at the right moment with the proper use of resources
  • Completing responsibilities punctually and at the correct pace
  • Delivering on time so that others have adequate time to meet their obligations

There are several acts that take place in a circus. For instance, performers will showcase their acrobatic moves, performing arts by animal trainers, comic performance by clowns, and object manipulation like juggling, just to mention but a few. So, what does the circus have to do with this week’s GuideMark Timeliness? 

Well, let’s look at the last example mentioned above, object manipulation - specifically juggling. If one or multiple performers are juggling props, be it pins or plates, it requires a special skill as well as timing. Timing is particularly important when passing props between performers. This of course is one aspect of the whole performance but the trickier and more challenging the juggling technique and pattern, the more enjoyable the performance. The performance is memorable and meets its objective of entertaining. 
When working on a team project(s), tasks have to be delivered in a timely manner to achieve the desired result. Lack of timeliness results in or leads to frustrated clients and missed opportunities. In the circus example, the passing act from one individual performer to the other must be anticipated and delivered on time, they must be coordinated, in-sync, and in unison, otherwise the performance is a “bust.”
At Funds For Learning, we strive to deliver on time so that others have adequate time to meet their obligations. To guard against falling short of the desired outcome, procedures and processes are in place and are frequently taught to E-rate Guides. Also, plans are made prior to starting a project to guard against shortcoming.   

Key Words and Phrases
At the right time; Punctual; Convenient; Prompt; In time; Well-timed; Occurring at a suitable time.

Opposite Terms
Tardy; Too Late; Missed Chance.

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