• Explaining the rationale behind a request or recommendation
  • Equipping others with the purpose of an assignment and the significance of information
  • Giving the details, sharing the context and removing the mystery behind our words and actions

Funds For Learning’s E-rate Guides are pros at the Share the Reason GuideMark. We share every morning in our seven-minute huddle meeting what each team member is working on, keeping up to date on each facet of the team’s involvement. We share every Friday in our weekly staff meeting by reviewing our progress, goals and what we need to do to anticipate the needs of our clients. We share monthly with an FFL team exercise to brainstorm new ways to improve processes and quality service. We share daily within our specific teams to provide each other with support and expertise to help one another yield excellent results.

Sharing the Reason encourages each team and the company to work more effectively and increases our growth as a company. With the frequent communication, we get information quickly and apply it immediately. Having quick-burst meetings and continual check-ins with our team creates an environment where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions. Every voice is heard and respected. This relationship with each other fosters knowledge, professional development and better processes.

Many minds together can accomplish great things.


Key Words and Phrases

Offer a rationale; Explain; Give details; Clarify; Describe; Put in plain words; Make clear; Enlighten.

Opposite Terms

Mystery; In the dark; Secrecy; Ambiguity.

GuideMarks – Distinguishing Characteristics of FFL E-rate Guides

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