• Concentrating efforts along the right priorities in an effective manner
  • Honing attention, time and energy into fulfilling specific responsibilities
  • Guarding against distractions and saying “no” to that which degrades high-quality performance

In the few minutes that it takes you to read this blog, chances are you will pause to check your phone, answer a text, switch to your desktop to read an email or glance at social media messages and news notifications popping up on your phone. Off screen you may be distracted from a colleague stopping by for assistance or engage in a conversation with them about something happening in their personal life. As humans, we have the potential to be interrupted many times throughout our day both digitally and by other people.

I recently heard on a radio newsfeed that office workers are interrupted or self-interrupt roughly every three minutes with many distractions coming in both digital and human forms. Once interrupted, it can take some 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task.  

Funds For Learning has helped its employees stay focused throughout the day by creating "Focus Rooms." The focus rooms are just what the name implies, rooms to go to when individuals need to focus without distractions. The rooms are sound proof, which enables staff members to conduct client conference calls without disturbing anyone else in the office. The sound-proof rooms also allow staff members to work on a project without any outside distractions.
Our clients rely on our expertise and attention to detail throughout the entire E-rate process in both the pre-commitment and post-commitment phases. We check and cross check many attributes that goes on a client's E-rate application: NSLP data, contracts, proposals, invoices, site lists, etc., and it is very important that we concentrate on these efforts without distractions. The focus rooms can be a great resource to use when we need to guard against distractions and prepare the best applications for our clients.

While we cannot always avoid every distraction, we can often greatly reduce our exposure to things that pull our attention away from our work. Knowing our weakness and putting in systems and devices (such as Focus Rooms) to cut them off at the source is the key.

Because there is no chance of shutting out the world while we work, the decision to stay focused at work is at our hands. It is about finding the right techniques, knowing the priorities and sticking to them.
Key Words and Phrases
To concentrate attention; Emphasis; Fasten; Center; Train; To have a clear perception; To bring to focus.

Opposite Terms
Blurry; Out of focus; Without direction.
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